Colorado bill would let growers reclassify rec marijuana to medical

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The Trump administration has been so ambiguous about its intentions regarding recreational cannabis that the Colorado Legislature is considering a bill to allow growers to reclassify their inventory as medical marijuana in the event of a federal crackdown.

Though the measure has yet to receive a full vote in either the state House or Senate, it has passed one Senate committee with bipartisan support, the Associated Press reported, an indication that politicians of both stripes have no desire to see Trump gut the adult-use cannabis industry.

The practical effect would be simply to categorize marijuana grown for recreational use as medical cannabis, ostensibly protecting such crops from seizure by federal agents.

The measure still has a long way to go before becoming law. It’s also not apparent that such a drastic move would even be necessary, given that no one in the presidential administration has said a federal crackdown on recreational marijuana businesses is imminent.

But the fact the bill was even introduced means that protecting the cannabis trade is on the minds of state lawmakers.