Colorado’s Pueblo County rejects measure to ban rec marijuana

Pueblo County, Colorado, voters rejected a ballot initiative that would have shut and banned all recreational marijuana operations in the county, a decision that allows the MJ industry to dodge a development that could have had statewide ramifications.

If Ballot Question 200 had passed, a major marijuana supply source would have dried up, dozens of businesses would have had to close and scores of workers would have lost their jobs.

Instead, the initiative was voted down by 56% of voters, according to results from the county.

Voters in the city of Pueblo also rejected a second, similar anti-marijuana initiative, Ballot Question 300, which would have permanently banned rec businesses inside the city limits. It was defeated by 59% of the voters.

Two other Pueblo marijuana votes – one to lift a moratorium on additional retail rec shops within the city of Pueblo and another to add an additional 4.3% sales and use tax – are still too close to call.

Another local Colorado vote that was hanging in the balance as of Wednesday morning was Denver’s vote on Initiative 300, which would allow public use of marijuana at bars, restaurants and other venues, provided these businesses secured approval from neighborhood groups.

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