Connecticut will add more dispensaries

Connecticut’s medical marijuana program has been so successful that the state will license at least three more dispensaries.

The number of patients in the state’s MMJ program has more than doubled since last fall, resulting in the need for more dispensaries, especially in Fairfield and New Haven counties, according to the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP).

About 4,100 patients are registered with the state, up from 1,683 in September, a department official said.

Connecticut plans to initially add three dispensaries to the six that are already operating, but it could award more if warranted. The number of licenses will continue to expand as long as the program continues to be successful, according to the DCP, which is accepting applications for the three new dispensary permits until Sept. 18.

Despite some early concerns about high prices, Connecticut’s MMJ rollout has been relatively smooth. The state is now considering expanding the conditions for which medical cannabis can be recommended.

Things have gone so well, in fact, that two lawmakers earlier this year introduced bills to allow recreational marijuana legalization. A Quinnipiac University poll in March showed 63% of Connecticut voters support small amounts of cannabis for adult use.

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3 comments on “Connecticut will add more dispensaries
  1. Thomas Muscolino on

    As of today, June 11th,2015, First State Compassion Center is scheduled to open their doors on June 26th,2015, making it the longest state to get their doors open for patients to get the medicine it needs. I’m anxiously awaiting. Hopefully no more excuses.

  2. Mike on

    At 390 an oz I cannot afford to fill my medical marijuana prescription! The prices are insane! We need our right to grow our own cannabis! If I were to purchase my full 2.5 oz per month prescription it would cost around $1000 per MONTH!

  3. Jim Ty on

    Grow your own? Are you CRAZY? You’d be taking dollars right out of the pockets of the friends of our legislators! That ain’t gonna happen. Why, that’d introduce fairness into the marketplace! We’re Connecticut, WE CAN’T HAVE *THAT*! “No more excuses”? Yeah, right. Have pigs started sprouting wings yet?

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