Dispensary Employee Arrested for Reselling Cannabis

More proof that it’s worth the effort and expense to carefully screen and train your cannabusiness employees: Police in Breckendridge, Colorado, have arrested a dispensary worker for unlawful distribution.

According to a report in Summit Daily, Eric James Elmore was arrested after cops saw him selling marijuana on the street and then found him with more than four ounces of cannabis in his pocket. Elmore allegedly told cops he was selling marijuana that he purchased from his employer.

What can dispensary owners learn from this? Make sure your employees know the law. Tell them from the get-go that selling out the back door won’t be tolerated. And ensure they understand it’s a fireable offense.

This might sound obvious, but some employees clearly don’t think it’s that big of a deal. And, believe it or not, they could be unclear on local laws and regulations, especially in a lax state like Colorado. And as to the chance Elmore was acting with permission or even explicit instructions from his employer? There’s no quicker way to get a visit from the feds.

MMJ Business Daily staff