Colorado to Tighten Edibles Regulations by Nov.

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Colorado’s Department of Revenue has confirmed a Nov. 1 target date to require tighter regulations on recreational cannabis edibles in the state.

Officials have developed a set of draft emergency regulations that would take effect this fall if they receive final approval from the governor, according to several reports.

Proposed changes focus mainly on potency and serving-size issues. Edibles companies would also be required to put their products in child-resistant packaging prior to sending them on for sale at cannabis shops, according to the Denver Post.

, Colorado to Tighten Edibles Regulations by Nov.Many edibles manufacturers in the state have already moved in the direction of the expected new regulations amid reports of recreational marijuana consumers ingesting far more THC than intended.

The news comes less than two weeks after the American Herbal Products Association released the final component of its business guidelines, focused on manufacturing, packaging and labeling cannabis-derived products.

The guidelines were developed in conjunction with Americans for Safe Access.