FDA seeks public input on whether cannabis, CBD should be descheduled

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears at Hemp Industry Daily.)

As the cannabis plant awaits a high-stakes review from international health authorities, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is asking the public to weigh in on whether cannabis, CBD and other cannabis extracts should be declassified as a controlled substance.

The United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) made a preliminary announcement in December that CBD has a low potential for abuse and shouldn’t be scheduled as a controlled substance.

The health agency delayed the final decision until June, when the agency will review “cannabis and cannabis resin, extracts, and tinctures of cannabis.”

As a member of the UN, the United States will forward the public comments it receives on cannabis scheduling to the agency.

Comments are due April 23.

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18 comments on “FDA seeks public input on whether cannabis, CBD should be descheduled
  1. Kenneth Taylor on

    Time to legalize Marijuana! It is only a matter of months or a year or two at most before other countries legalize cannabis. If we wait, sick people will continue to suffer, proper research and testing of cannabis will be left to other countries and we will loose an opportunity to be a world leader in the cannabis industry. Don’t forget, we are loosing millions, monthly, of tax revenue and allowing criminals to continue their activities. The longer we wait, the more it will cost us. Remember the old Fram commercial, ‘Pay me now or pay me later’?

    • Mary Johnston on

      I have Parkinson’s disease the first thing it did was attack those made me change my whole attitude and outlook on life is a good antidepressant a great pain reliever just to good Product all the way around

  2. Frank Briscoe on

    Based on the fact that there are very positive results from utilizing cannabis-based CBD to mitigate the horrific effects of opioids in the United States, should prove to be enough evidence to drop these arcane ways of thinking and move forward, based on scientific research. AMERICA IS IN AN OPIOID EPIDEMIC AND CANNABIS IS A FEASIBLE CURE!!! PLEASE ALLOW AMERICA TO HEAL!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sue Metes on

    I wish you would include information on how to get in touch with the proper people at the FDA to make a statement. As a health care professional, I am all for the benefits of cannabis. Many drugs are derived from plants. There is no reason to exclude cannabis. Especially since we have CBD receptors in our bodies. The plant is here for a reason.

  4. Barry Belinky on

    I have severe neck pain due to spondylosis and disc compression. CBD helps IMMENSELY. Because it helps so much, I have eliminated use of the OXYCODONE which my physician prescribed. Please PLEASE declassify CBD as a controlled substance.

  5. Nomon Kennedy on

    I am a CBD user and can attest to the striking results from my back. More research needs to be done on the medical benefits from all chemicals within the Marijuana plant. I feel it can be a miracle plant for those of us suffering. Yes Medical Marijuana needs to be Legalized. The War on Marijuana needs to stop and Big Pharma needs to stop its opposition to it.

  6. zO on

    Cannabis should be completely taken off of the Controlled Substances Act and put back in the hands of the people where it belongs.

    Anything other than completely unscheduling cannabis is a slap in the face to America and citizens around the world who have had to deal with their lives and loves being completely turned upside down and destroyed due to the illegal justification of governments around the world prohibiting cannabis from persons on this earth. Cannabis a scientifically proven benign plant.

    How long will we as an earth nation continue down the road down turning a blind eye to the unconstitutional head start that politician,pharmaceutical,health care companies are making by trying to convince us that a plant that has never been proven to harm a soul on this planet is dangerous and can only be grown and sold by them according to their rules and regulations?

    You can’t make laws to destroy peoples lives around the world for over half a century because you say the cannabis plant is “so dangerous”, just to turn around and say well it’s ok for medicine as long as we are able to grow it and process it and reap the financial benefits of the new emerging cannabis market.

    You won’t be able to move forward without first truly coming to the understanding that the dire roots of menacing evil you have perpetuated on fellow brothers and sisters of the human race will not be swept under the rug.

    Science has long proven that cannabis is a benign plant. Every scientist and doctor know this, yet they still have the psychological scars of fears perpetuated by propaganda for nearly a century demonizing the cannabis plant.

    The medical community today excuses promotion of designer drugs with side effects of death.

    Cigarrettes have no medicinal value and are prone to be addictive. Why not on the Controlled Substances Act?

    Time to stop the madness and completely unschedule cannabis from the CSA.
    Time to stop arresting people over a benign plant.

  7. Thomas M Wilson on

    I had depression since an early age like 7 bulling and all that crap caused it, my mom was diagnosed with cancer at age 9. Mental illness can start at any age. Not knowing why I felt fear all the time is no joke. My father worked 4 to 12 evenings so I was left with taking care of mom after school. I was not only picked on by my classmates but also the teachers. It’s a long story let’s just say I was not the right nationality. First one to break the barrier for that school. I suffered from 8 years and my mental health suffered until age 15 when I discovered the almighty weed from the first time I used it I knew it helped and I have used it ever since, except for 8 years when my job did random testing. It had taken a toll on me not having my medicine for that amount of time causing me to have a full mental breakdown. I spent 2 weeks in a mental ward. When they let me go the doctor wrote on my papers never to work again. That’s how messed up I was. I stopped taking the meds the day they left me out , picked up a joint and have been able to function better than ever since that day.

  8. Splat Kenoreno on

    I’ve been on vicodin for two months for a busted up shoulder. Today I bought some CBD and felt as though I’d been miraculously healed. Why am I taking vicodin???

  9. Nina Rumbough on

    CBD should be legalized – it’s benefits to health and well being for many people outweigh any possible negative effects. There are many worse substances out there that are legal. Also, if it helps at all with the opioid epidemic- then definitely.

  10. Rickety Rack on

    No serious and well-informed person doubts that 1) cannabis has enormous therapeutic utility, and 2) that Big Pharma is aware of (and with deep pockets, lobbies against) it’s negative impact on their bottom line when people are able to stop taking “FDA approved” pills, and in fact get far better relief from a whole host of ailments. Not to mention Big Alcohol’s lobbying.

  11. GARY WILKOS on

    I broke my neck in 1990 and finally discovered the works of CBD. Today I am pain free. It has had a positive effect on my life without any harm whatsoever.

  12. Frances Garland on

    Don’t let the greedy FDA control CBD, it is not narcotic and it helps with pain with no side effects if they get a hold of it they will definitely screw it up like they do all meds. I take red yeast rice to control high cholesterol and it works great. I read there is red yeast rice in the cholesterol meds they supply, but with chemicals. Don’t need them to mess with our natural way of healing so they can raise prices and probably add harmful chemicals.

  13. Dr kyle NEVIUS on

    As a physician using CBD/non-THC products for close to one year I would highly recommend further research and approval of industrial hemp oil products for medical purposes

    We have seen phenomenal results with little to no side effects and minimal pharmaceutical interaction

  14. Melissa Joyce on

    I can’t not say enough about Hemp CBD. A family member recently had ankle replacement surgery and he did not take one pain killer once he came home. Only the CBD. He also has diabetes and his doctor was Amazed at how quickly he healed.
    So many people could benefit from this Amazing oil.

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