Firm’s Findings Show Promising Results Among Testing Labs

Emerald Scientific, a California supplier of equipment and testing products to the cannabis testing sector, has released the results of its latest Emerald Test – which measures the accuracy of dozens of testing labs – and the results are promising.

Nearly 50 labs entered the company’s semi-annual Inter-lab Comparison and Proficiency Test, which measures a lab’s ability to determine the amounts of cannabinoids and residual solvents in an unknown sample. The test also compares results among labs to offer insights into how labs can improve.

“Labs across the country performed better than expected and in line with testing parameters used by non-cannabis industries,” Wes Burk, vice president of Emerald Scientific, said in a press release.

The test is used in many other industries, such as food safety and pharma, and is increasingly required for ISO 17025 accreditation for testing labs.

Data analysis for the Emerald Test was performed by the American Oil Chemists Society, an organization that promotes research of oils, fats, proteins, and related materials.

This is the third year the Emerald Test has been offered.