Former Cyclist Floyd Landis Launches Cannabis Company

Controversial former cyclist Floyd Landis is jumping into the marijuana business, launching a Colorado company that will sell vape and edible products.

Landis plans to peddle wholesale products containing marijuana oil secured from high-altitude growers using a pharmacy-grade CO2 extraction process, Cyclingnews reported.

A press release obtained by the publication states that “the uniquely formulated vape and edible products are crafted for an enhanced consumer experience and are carefully prepared by licensed pharmacists to maximize the many health benefits of recreational cannabis.”

Business Insider reported that the company’s wholesale products will be sold to retailers, but didn’t specify where. Recreational marijuana is legal in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

Landis won the 2006 Tour de France but was forced to forfeit the title after testing positive for doping. He denied the allegations for years but then confessed in 2011, leading to cyclist Lance Armstrong’s eventual doping confession.

Landis’ company, Floyds of Leadville – named after the Colorado mountain town – has created a website and social media accounts.

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3 comments on “Former Cyclist Floyd Landis Launches Cannabis Company
  1. Amateur Grower on

    How about some of the ordinary folk getting licenses in MMJ Industry? or is it limited to rich influential politically connected, celebrities and other unqualified people?

  2. pam on

    It is not limited to celebrities or the rich influentially connected. They just get the media attention over us ordinary folks who work 16 hour days growing pot and extracting the oil using the same pharmaceutical grade system. home of the humble owner operators

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