Florida adds eight more medical marijuana business licensees

Florida’s medical cannabis marketplace is set to see a significant boost in the number of businesses that can operate in the state as regulators approved licenses for eight more firms in addition to the 14 existing MMJ operators.

The state will grant the additional licenses to companies that failed to gain approval during the first round of licensing in 2015, the News Service of Florida reported.

The news agency also noted the settlement puts an end to months of legal battles surrounding the Florida health department and the original losing applicants.

For more details about the additional medical marijuana companies in the Sunshine State, click here.

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One comment on “Florida adds eight more medical marijuana business licensees
  1. Robert Hunt on

    These are the luckiest licensees of all time.

    They get to enter the market at the perfect time without having to have suffered the last 4 years of stagnant activity in the state. What a gift.

    I wish I could lose a contest and then be rewarded with a path to the trophy right when the race gets competitive.

    FL needs to keep expanding to new applicants. The best operators did not apply in 2015 as it was a CBD law exclusively and not many groups thought there was reason to get involved. Nobody thought the State would expand from CBD to THC without opening up the application again.

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