Former Politicians Square Off for Delaware Dispensary License

Two former political figures in Delaware are battling each other for the state’s sole dispensary license.

Mark Lally – the former director of Sussex County, who once ran the governor’s executive protection unit – is being sued by former Lewes councilman A. Judson Bennett over a dispensary application.

Bennett says he hired Lally to help him secure a license, and that Lally covertly worked with another firm to secure his own license. Working with another group was a breach of their agreement, Bennett said.

Public health officials recently informed Lally that his company, First State Compassion Center, is the front runner to earn the license for the state’s “pilot” dispensary.

Politically connected entrepreneurs have entered the licensing process for medical marijuana businesses in Massachusetts, Nevada and Illinois. The lawsuit in Delaware appears to mark the first time that former politicians have sued each other over a dispensary license.

, Former Politicians Square Off for Delaware Dispensary LicenseDelaware has been slow to establish its medical marijuana program, which was approved in 2011. Seven groups applied for dispensary licenses in 2013, however the state has yet to approve any of the applicants. The slow turnaround has led some advocates to accuse the state of purposely dragging its feet.

A judge has scheduled a hearing over the lawsuit.

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2 comments on “Former Politicians Square Off for Delaware Dispensary License
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    The restrictions, taxes and fees the government is demanding are reminiscent of the predatory over-site of the British that triggered the emergence of a new nation. Like King George, the various bureaucrats tried to control what the colonists did with their hemp. We wanted Free Market Hemp then and we want it today.

  2. Paula on

    Isn’t there a CONFLICT OF INTEREST, when any lobbyist or former director for a U.S Senator wins a government BID/license to open the State’s FIRST medical marijuana dispensary?? I need to take this story to the NATIONAL level media because this is not fair that a government contract, the one and only permit for a legal medical marijuana dispensary is given to a lobbyist. None of the 7 that applied were even eligible, under CONFLICT of INTEREST….. Anyone else concerned about this?? Well I am!!!! I will be contacting ABC and CBS news along with investigative reporters from 60 minutes…… Individual citizens should have been allowed also to bid on this contract/license. AND for 2 years??? The law calls for ONE dispensary in each of the 3 counties, so why is Governor Markell only allowing one contract/license ( as a so-called pilot program)and defying the law, what the people of Delaware wanted. Apparently Governor Markell does not live with the pain and suffering that his constituents live with every single day of their lives!!!

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