Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson to Back 2014 Florida Medical Cannabis Measure

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Efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Florida are about to receive a big boost.

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential candidate, is expected to announce his support for a bid to get a medical cannabis legalization measure on the Florida ballot in 2014, according to the Miami Herald. The measure would amend the Florida Constitution to allow adults to possess and use marijuana for medical reasons.

Sure, the move could be considered political posturing as Johnson attempts to win over some voters in an important election battleground state. And the chances that Johnson will actually become president are miniscule.

But the public support from such a high-profile name could help organizers of the MMJ drive raise more money in the future. And that’s something medical cannabis supporters in Florida have struggled with to date. The Herald says the main group behind medical marijuana legalization has raised just over $40,000 since 2009 – a paltry sum compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for similar efforts in other states.

It will likely take a boatload of money to generate enough support for medical marijuana legalization, given that passing a constitutional amendment in Florida is an extremely arduous process and requires 60% of the vote. Lawmakers submitted MMJ legalization resolutions in the state House and Senate this year, but both failed to advance.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via flickr