Marijuana firm MedMen closes initial $80 million in funding from Gotham Green

MedMen, a multistate cannabis company based in California, said it closed on an initial $80 million tranche of funding from New York private equity group Gotham Green Partners (GGP).

The money is the first part of a $250 million convertible credit facility with GGP that MedMen secured in March.

More details on the funding can be found here.

MedMen, which trades under the ticker symbol MMEN on the Canadian Securities Exchange, will release its quarterly results May 29.

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6 comments on “Marijuana firm MedMen closes initial $80 million in funding from Gotham Green
  1. Dan Solinger on

    Seems like they’ve had some recent stumbles but this is very good news. MedMen is by some measurements just getting started and you can clearly see they’re poised for massive, nationwide success.

  2. Cliff Rhodes on

    I’m a little guy that invested $6,000 and I am hurting right now with the stock being down and I really can’t afford it

    • john on

      dont invest if you are worried about losing money, just good advice from me, someone who has won and lost on investments

  3. john on

    yea this is either a realllly long term investment or a complete bust, that is what I have learned from them, execs with the company were a joke

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