What’s behind the course correction for marijuana stocks?

This has been a roller-coaster year for cannabis stocks, a signal that investors are assessing the opportunity more critically than they have in the past.

A strong start, with New Cannabis Ventures’ Global Cannabis Stock Index (GCSI) rising 64.7% – albeit with volatility – through March 21, gave way to a decline of 32% through July 25.

But even with this decline, the GCSI is up 12% for the year.

There are some key events/drivers that are material to this correction.

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2 comments on “What’s behind the course correction for marijuana stocks?
  1. Rick on

    Click bait leading to another article? Not fond of that, it would have been a better experience if this article at least summarized the other ones findings.

  2. jeff l on

    Sounds like wishful writing to me……i was hoping for an eye opener but got an opener instead.
    At least it`s not fake news.

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