Maryland to issue more medical marijuana business licenses

Maryland lawmakers agreed to expand the state’s medical marijuana industry, in large part to resolve a conflict over minority representation in the business.

Under the terms of a deal passed Monday by both chambers in the state legislature, Maryland regulators will award another 20 business permits – seven for cultivation and 13 for processing, the Baltimore Sun reported.

A new process for choosing license recipients will focus on both race and barriers to entry for minorities as it chooses permit winners.

But only 14 of the 20 new permits are even “open to competition,” the Sun reported.

The other six are already spoken for, with four devoted to “the integration of grower-processor operations” and two to settle a lawsuit filed by a pair of companies that sued the state last year over flaws in the permitting process.

One of those two companies, Chicago-based Green Thumb Industries (GTI), filed suit last September, arguing that it was wrongly denied a cultivation permit in favor of a lower-scoring competitor.

But because it’s now being granted a license, GTI is dropping the lawsuit, according to the Sun.

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4 comments on “Maryland to issue more medical marijuana business licenses
  1. Milton on

    Program should be gutted. Was put together with underhanded deals that didn’t have the best interest of MARYLAND citizens. Vendors from outside of state shouldn’t be given first concideraion.

  2. Tom on

    Not sure why race should be an issue at all … license are rewarded to those with the higher rate of success and skill in agiculture not by color of skin.. the black baltimore again wins the prize as being the most racially motivated cry babys in the entire usa

    • Craig on

      Your right…it shouldn’t be about race…but If you think the licenses awarded in 2016 went to the best and most qualified only and not because of the normal political and old boy preferences favoring white males always prevalent in the states contracting process then you are smoking too much of the illegal stuff.

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