Massachusetts recreational cannabis program lacking licensed testing labs

Massachusetts is clearly not going to be ready to sell recreational marijuana by its July 1 target date, evident by a lack of completed applications for testing laboratories, among other setbacks.

Under state law, recreational marijuana must be tested by an independent lab before it can be sold in stores, according to, and it could be weeks if not months before a testing facility is approved.

The state had set an initial target of the beginning of July to license labs but so far has issued only one provisional permit – for a cultivation facility in Milford.

Here’s what you need to know about Massachusetts’ licensing situation:

  • No retail stores have been licensed, and although the state’s Cannabis Control Commission has prioritized processing applications for laboratories to test adult-use marijuana, no completed application for a testing lab has been submitted.
  • One independent lab has begun the application process, according to State House News Service.
  • As of Tuesday, 61 completed applications were under review for cannabis business licenses, the bulk of which are for retail stores, cultivation facilities or product manufacturers.
  • The state will not consider additional licenses until July 2 and will prioritize processing applications for testing labs submitted by Aug. 1.
  • The state also requires medical marijuana to be tested, so independent cannabis labs are already operating for the MMJ program. But they must go through the application process again to receive a permit to test recreational marijuana.

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2 comments on “Massachusetts recreational cannabis program lacking licensed testing labs
  1. Brian on

    Another example of the ccc’s intentionally slow and shoddy process.
    They claim that the dates to complete work are only targets and have been waiting till the target date to do anything at all.
    Isn’t the medical side already provisioned with testing? So why do we need to re license those entities.
    This is nothing but a prohibitionist governor stacking the deck with fellow prohibitionists (with one activist so they can claim balance) doing everything they can to strangle this baby in the cradle.
    People who were patiently waiting for the extended start date will likely decide to return to the grey or black markets especially because with the ccc’s incompetence once adult use sales begin supply will be very low and prices will be very high

  2. Denys on

    Why would you need a separate license to test for medicinal and another to test for recreational? Whether it’s used for medical or recreational purposes is after the fact and doesn’t change the testing procedure. Are these people stoned?

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