Mississippi group starts drive to get medical marijuana on 2020 ballot

Mississippi medical marijuana, Mississippi group starts drive to get medical marijuana on 2020 ballot

A group in Mississippi, one of the country’s most conservative states, is aiming to put what looks to be a business-friendly medical marijuana initiative on the ballot in 2020.

Medical Marijuana 2020 plans to start collecting signatures next week, according to state Rep. Joel Bomgar, a Republican who is on the group’s steering committee.

The constitutional amendment calls for an open market, and key elements of the proposed Mississippi ballot initiative include:

  • There are no caps on the number of licenses for dispensaries, which are referred to as medical marijuana treatment centers, or processors.
  • Individuals and businesses could apply for different combinations of licenses, according to Bomgar.
  • People with more than a dozen debilitating medical conditions would qualify for MMJ in the state, including chronic pain, opioid addiction, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder and cancer.
  • The state would be required to put in place “reasonable” rules and regulations.

The steering committee has 60 members, including lawmakers, doctors, law enforcement officials and religious leaders.

“So many people in Mississippi have been touched by the issue,” Bomgar told Marijuana Business Daily. “Everyone knows someone who could have benefited from medical marijuana or is benefiting in another state.”

Bomgar has been outspoken about the nation’s opioid epidemic and the need for better management and treatment.

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18 comments on “Mississippi group starts drive to get medical marijuana on 2020 ballot
  1. Mike L. Wallace Jr. on

    MEDICAL MARIJUANA KILLS !! (It’s Murder) It has been proven in a study by The Nixon Administration at The Medical College of Virginia in 1974 & more recently by Molecular Biologist Dr. Christina Sanchez at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain that THC kills cancers cells by Apoptosis. Meaning : Regularly ingesting recreational decarboxylated marijuana prevents cancer cell growth from developing. Meanwhile on the other hand, Medical Marijuana is waiting to develop cancers (Risking Death) before going to a doctor to try to get a marijuana prescription instead of chemo. Doctors are paid much more for prescribing chemo than for prescribing marijuana. Marijuana only kills cancer cells. Chemo kills all cells including healthy cells. It is way Way WAY better to prevent cancer growth from developing that developing cancers & then try to fight them.

    • Don Stokes on

      The value of cannabis in cancer treatment is not using the cannabis to cure the cancer, it’s to allow cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy to be able to eat. Chemo makes people so sick they can’t hold anything down, but smoking cannabis controls the nausea. It saved my brother’s life when he was unable to eat from chemo.

    • Kira Scarlett on

      You should realllllllly reconsider how you word things.. like “MEDICAL MARIJUANA KILLS…. CANCER CELLS… Not people.” I’d highly suggest you go back and revise some of the wording. Pretty sure cannabis isn’t sitting by and trying to make cancer… You literally contradicted yourself.. so, why not just say you’re for or against it. If you’re for it, help get signatures… I’m getting my group to get these pages filled.

    • Rebecca Sudduth on

      I think you need to go back and re educate yourself. That is so not what this campaign is about. It’s about Compassion for those who are suffering from a debilitating medical condition

    • Harold Dawley on

      Marijuana has been used for thousands of years and there’s not one case of anyone ever dying from using it. What do the opponents of marijuana legalization have to say about the 400,000 people our Surgeon General tells us will die every year from premature and preventable death from tobacco smoking? What about the 20 million deaths the Surgeon attributes to tobacco smoking over the last 50 years? Not only is tobacco smoking legal, it has been one of the most heavily advertised substances in history. If people can literally commit legal slow motion suicide from tobacco smoking, what can’t they legally use marijuana?

  2. Lance Stevens on

    Since our legislature is too chicken to address this on the floor (which will cost state millions compared to requiring a ballot initiative), I’m interested to know the general sentiment for its passage AND whether there is a race or political party component. I wish each response here would end with their sentiment and basic demo bio.

    Bottom line: Reps and Senators–Do you job. Vote on this. It is polling at 78% in favor.

    NEUTRAL: W/M; Dem

    • Don Stokes on

      As polio survivor now experiencing PPS, the late effects of polio, I know that having access to legal, medically supervised cannabis products can help me. I’ve done my own experimenting, and visited states where it’s legal, and the main benefit I see in medical cannabis being legalized is the regulation and analysis of the products. In legal states you can buy a strain that’s exactly what best treats your symptoms, with the chemical component percentages right on the package. As long as it’s illegal it’s unregulated, and who knows whether it’s right for your needs.
      I’m a senior caucasian male independent.

      • Skip Breaux on

        I’m along for the ride with Mr Singletary let’s legalize its time to help let’s stop all the negative and look at its benifits it will help everyone from the people to the government of the state it sure don’t take long for gambling to pass lotto sports bets this is robbing families of finances hemp will not

  3. Kira Scarlett on

    I’m 26 years old with three dead disks in my lumbar, arthritis in most of my joints, bursitis in my hips, occipital neuralgia, and PTSD… I was sent to pain management at age NINETEEN, thankfully I left well before I spiraled down that dark path those legal heroin pills send you down.. why is this even an issue, just legalize it already. If there’s any example for how the government has failed my generation, I’ll be it.. despite the pain, I’ll be out there getting signatures… I dare our government to try and intimidate me. We will not back down from the people running the poorest and most corrupt state in the union. Mississippi will not be last to the finish line this time…

  4. Josh on

    They need to revise this initiative and add recreational use as well. Might as well try to kill two birds with one stone because indefinitely recreational legalization would follow medical.

  5. Daniel G. Pounds on

    Where can I signup have been under medical care for chronic back for 18 yrs after 5 times on life support and coding 3 times due to lack a emzimes to break down the options in blood I detoxed at home Horrible to say.

  6. Archie Osborn on

    Will all of my neighbors please help get this on the ballot in our Great State of Mississippi and exercise your duty and vote for this Medication to be excessible for all those which will benefit from this. Thank You, A.B.Osborn

  7. Anita Mink on

    I had cancer it keep you eating and you keep your weight and also it help keep your mind off of the thought please everyone sign to get this done chemo will hurt you if not kill you and radiation will burn you up marijuana is the only thing that kills cancer cells

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