Missouri to license 60 medical marijuana growers, 190-plus dispensaries

Missouri medical marijuana regulators announced they plan to issue 60 cultivation, 86 processing and 192 dispensary licenses in the state’s initial MMJ permitting round.

Businesses can obtain applications online June 4. The state will accept them Aug. 3-17, with final scoring scheduled by the end of 2019.

For more details – and links to various MMJ program draft rules – click here.

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12 comments on “Missouri to license 60 medical marijuana growers, 190-plus dispensaries
  1. Cheryl Elliott on

    Anyone in growing and processing needs investments, stocks whatever. Looking for monthly return. Would like to see projected grow.

  2. Andrew Mento on

    Wonderful news. If I can help any licensees with their facilities, let me know. I work for a canna-construction firm, women owned, 20 years strong and ZERO litigation.

  3. keith grundig on

    looking for a job at one of the cultivation centers her in Missouri. Management experience running a crew of 3-12 employees for 33 years, 40 years consuming cannabis recreationally. and 5 years as home horticulturalist. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and rather than chemicals i chose herbal medicine. I would entertain any opportunity, at any level, to get my foot in the door of this industry. I understand the customer’s needs and apprehensions. Thank you for your time.

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