New Jersey may add five more medical marijuana conditions

New Jersey’s proposed addition of five conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana could expand the program’s patient pool and, in turn, lead to increased sales for the handful of dispensaries in the state.

The state’s Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel gave final approval to the additional conditions this week, reported, but that number fell far short of the 43 conditions the committee had recommended.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The panel proposed adding anxiety, migraine, Tourette syndrome, chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic pain related to internal organs.
  • The state’s health commissioner – who was appointed by the notoriously anti-cannabis Gov. Chris Christie – has up to 180 days to decide whether to approve the extra conditions.
  • New Jersey’s MMJ program currently has 12,500-plus registered patients.
  • State law allows for only six licensed dispensaries – though only five are currently operational – but the health department reviews the program every two years to decide whether more should be approved.

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2 comments on “New Jersey may add five more medical marijuana conditions
  1. Cactus Bill on

    I can understand the reason that Chris Christie remains so opposed to legalizing MMJ/MJ.
    His attitude is grounded in fear.
    Can you imagine how fat that dude would become if he began using MJ?
    He’d buy out all the Krispy Kreme’s in Jersey.
    From 300 to 500 pounds, within a year!

  2. Mark Roberts, BA, MA on

    I’m a Polio Survivor (age 11), a US Veteran and an Educated Businessman.
    Health is otherwise ok, but at 77, I have EVERY-DAY Chronic Arthritic Pain that is destroying my Quality of Life. Every step HURTS in my knees and Lower Back. Yes, every step. I have tried
    numerous pharmaceuticals with little pain relief. MEDICAL MARIJUANA is highly
    successful in reducing arthritic pain — read the studies and positive effects are apparent!
    So why make me wait? I need pain relief NOW!
    I’m 77 year sold! I’m not gonna live to 200, y’know.
    I need PAIN RELIEF N-O-W.
    I’m sure Gov. Christie understands his OWN medical problems…. why can’t he understand
    my daily battle with PAIN?????

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