New York medical marijuana firm wins nursing home contract

Etain Health of New York landed a contract with a Bronx nursing home to provide its residents with medical cannabis products, a move that could help improve the MMJ company’s patient numbers.

It’s believed to be the first such deal in the state, the New York Daily News reported. Industry analysts believe such arrangements will grow over time across the nation. In fact, a small number of American and Canadian companies have approached senior facilities, though it’s unclear if any have procured contracts like Etain’s.

According to the deal, Etain will help medical staff at the unidentified nursing home become certified to recommend medical marijuana to patients, the Daily News reported.

Such a move could prove critical for New York’s 1-year-old medical marijuana program, which has been hurt by, among other things, a dearth of health professionals certified to recommend MMJ. As of Feb. 7, 849 health practitioners were certified to recommend medical marijuana, while 13,389 patients were registered with the state.

New York’s original medical marijuana law allowed only physicians to recommend medical cannabis. But state health regulators recently allowed nurse practitioners to recommend medical marijuana, and steps are being taken to allow physician assistants to do so.

Once nursing home staff are certified and start registering patients, the Daily News reported, Etain would operate under a new home-delivery law to transport cannabis products to patients. They would administer the medicine themselves or have a family member do it for them.

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5 comments on “New York medical marijuana firm wins nursing home contract
  1. Shelley on

    Very glad to hear some of our elderly whom are being housed in long term care will be able to have access to cannabis. Truly a better option than the dangerous drugs they are given presently. I hope this is a gateway to treating our elderly with compassion and respect.

  2. Eric Layland on

    Hopefully the new administration’s choice cabinet will get beyond politics and allow cannabis in VA hospitals. Obviously that requires a change at the Federal level but allowing drug companies to profit from the opioid epidemic is unconscionable yet it continues.

  3. Pam on

    Good reason for my living will to have a clause that says, “if she has to go into a nursing home, it has to be in a cannabis supplied New York facility.”

  4. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thanks for catching this most welcome news, Marijuana Business Daily. I was losing the last of my remaining hope that New York’s medical program would even survive the economic strangulation imposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his fellow marijuana haters.

    The positive ladies of Etain have worked very hard to establish their company for the benefit of sick people. They have my warmest wishes for success in that endeavor, bringing the healing power of cannabis to elders. “You dream! You fly!” stated the old Israeli man enduring the shakes of Parkinson’s disease; the Holocaust survivor interviewed in 2013 by Dr. Sanjay Gupta for his “Weed” series. If that humble man in his 90s lived in Cuomo’s New York, he would’ve been arrested for smoking his little wooden pipe and thrown in state prison—and deprived of his wheelchair. Again, that’s the real crime here.

  5. Dawn-Marie Merrill on

    This is such a remarkable institution to nurture and offer this option to our most vulnerable population . It is a fact that the disbled and elderly are most heavily laden with pharmaceuticals. The risk benefit profile is amazing in so many conditions our elders face. Imagine the decrease in full time care in drug costs alone with this safe and health promoting alternative treatment. Quality of life should always be of paramount importance when considering any patient population. Delivery and personalized service is a wonderful solution to those who are limited in outside social resources as well.

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