NY Dosing Rules Could Create New Industry Sector

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Strict regulations surrounding medical cannabis dosing in New York could spark new ancillary business opportunities tied to clinical data.

The majority of MMJ states haven’t required specific dosing levels to accompany medical cannabis usage the way that New York will.

The state’s rules are so strict, in fact, that one of the business license applicants, PalliaTech, spent $2 million developing a patent-protected vaporizer that metes out specific dose levels, according to the New York Business Journal.

New York’s dosage rules could lead to new business opportunities and innovation surrounding data collection and usage for the MMJ industry, a PalliaTech executive told the Journal.

“Doctors do not give you a bag of heart medicine in powdered form and say, ‘See how this works,’” Andrei Bogulubov, a vice president of PalliaTech, told the Journal. “They have to treat to the dose response curve.”

The main reason such a system may work in New York is because it’s one of a few states where smokeable MMJ is prohibited, while vaping, concentrates, edibles, tinctures and other non-smokeable forms are allowed. Those can often be easier to measure in doses.

The five companies that win business licenses next month may wind up developing a valuable data set that could have major ramifications for the science behind MMJ.