Guam Cultivation Limited to Strains Already on the Island

Entrepreneurs who want to grow cannabis in Guam will need to cultivate marijuana from plants already growing in the U.S. territory, yet local officials don’t know which strains are currently on the island.

The territory’s medical marijuana program, passed by voters in the November election, could look similar to Arizona’s. Guam public health officials recently visited the state to learn about how to best implement their own system, according to the Pacific News Center.

One big takeaway from the trip was that no marijuana can be imported to the island, so production will have to stem from what’s already there, said Rosanna Rabago, an official with the Department of Public Health and Social Services. The problem is nobody is quite sure which strains are already grown on the island.

“Do we have Golden Goat on Guam? I don’t know,” she said. “Do we have lemon kush or super lemon haze? I don’t know.”

Guam officials are expected to release draft regulations in July, according to the Pacific News Center. Once that’s done, the rules will require approval from the territory’s attorney general, legislature and governor.

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2 comments on “Guam Cultivation Limited to Strains Already on the Island
  1. Laurence McKinney on

    This is actually the same problem faced by Geoffrey Guy of GW – the Single Convention bars import or export – so GW had to buy HortaPharm, the cannabis research botanical firm set up by Robert Connell Clarke and Sam Selnij (who created the original “Northern Lights” 30 years ago) for 11% of their company so they have a Huge, Huge, Huge set of strains.

  2. Matthew on

    This is interesting because it will create a neat little pool of unique, regional strains as people work with the genetics they have on hand, breeding new ones. The interesting thing about cannabis botanically is how readily it hybridizes and how you can literally establish a new “clone only” strain with one crossing. Even still, it only takes 4-5 generations to fully stabilize seed. You may not have Super Lemon Haze, but I’m sure you have all the genetics available to produce sonething very similar!

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