Ohio college steps forward to test medical cannabis

An Ohio technical college has thrown its hat into the ring to help test cannabis for the state’s medical marijuana program.

Hocking College – located in Nelsonville, about a one-hour drive from the Ohio Statehouse – said Tuesday its “goal is to partner with the state” under legislation requiring that public colleges and or universities get first crack at MMJ testing licenses, according to a news release.

Hocking’s announcement is significant because there previously appeared to be little interest among Ohio’s colleges to test medical marijuana. The application period for testing lab licenses is Sept. 11-22.

Under state law, private labs can enter the mix for testing licenses after the first year of the MMJ program, which is expected to launch in September 2018.

As part of its MMJ license bid, according to the release, Hocking has partnered with Jonathan Cachat – CEO of Cleveland-based CCV Research – to develop a “hands-on, high-tech” curriculum that will offer training for medical lab technicians, forensics and chemical laboratory science.

Cachat would serve as director of Hocking’s testing lab.

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One comment on “Ohio college steps forward to test medical cannabis
  1. MARK BURCAW, D.C. on

    As the holder on the honor of the “First Marijuana Bust on the Entire Ohio Valley,” along with 2 frat brothers (Lambda Chi Alpha – a great house) in 1967, I am delighted to see this evolution of thinking, this awakening to this incredible herbal remedy. I recommend it to patients and tell them to expect a miracle, they often do! We faced 2 – 15 years for narcotics, we beat the charges but in Texas in that era, folks served 20 + years!!!?!

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