Oregon Lawmakers Begin Looking at Rec MJ Regulations

Oregon lawmakers have started asking questions about how to frame regulations pertaining to recreational marijuana ahead of sales scheduled to start in January 2016.

Sen. Fred Girod, a Republican from Stayton, asked if the state could do away with its medical marijuana program to avoid doubling staffing and oversight, according to the Statesman Journal. Recreational stores could sell medical marijuana, he said.

The senator also said he would like to lower the limit a household could possess, currently set at 8 ounces, and make giving someone a marijuana-infused edible without their knowledge a criminal offense, the newspaper reported.

Sen. Lee Beyer, a Democrat from Springfield, said the Oregon Liquor Control Commission should develop a list of changes it would like to see made and present it to lawmakers.

Among the most pressing questions not addressed when Measure 91 passed earlier this month was how to set a legal limit for driving under the influence. Scientists are divided over whether 5 nanogramos of THC per milliliter of blood, the standard used in Colorado and Washington, is an accurate measurement of a driver’s impairment, the Statesman Journal said.

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7 comments on “Oregon Lawmakers Begin Looking at Rec MJ Regulations
  1. Christine Jump on

    First of all the wording in the measure is very specific with regard the Medical Marijuana Act as follows: “Section 4 This Act may not be construed to . . (7) To amend or affect in any way the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act.”

    Secondly, How is it lawmakers can substantially strip what the people have voted for. Regarding household amount. As I understand the measure – and I’m no expert – that amount is the cap for a household, regardless of number of people living there. Unless ones food, and meals are taken privately from the rest of the inhabitants then their recreational marijuana is counted toward the entire households 8 ounces.

  2. OMMP on

    This is exactly what all of the OMMP participants were afraid of!!! First words out of someone’s mouth, dump OMMP. The folks who pioneered Oregons FIRST marijuana laws!!
    Time to start the fight all over agin. Are you glad you folks voted for legalization now?

  3. Mark on

    Anthony Johnston baited the voters wit the word “legalization ” as did many other marijuana activists .. What a bunch of ignorant people they were to want this passed … Say goodby to you cheap or free medical marijuana … Too bad the Oragonians ruined a good medical marjuana program so a bunch of stoner can get toned and not go to jail .. Now the is ignorance at the highest level .

  4. Rhea Graham on

    As I told EVERYONE that legalization is not the answer, we need to REPEAL Cannabis Prohibition. When you LEGAL-IZE you only add laws and taxes, we have too many of both already and most of them are bad.

    What a bunch of BS that the measure 91 crowd went around telling everyone that “it’s in there twice that the medical program won’t be affected” and the writers knew full well that it wasn’t being written into the constitution and wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. I kept saying, “talk to Washington, they were told the same thing, and see how they are fighting for their medical program”.

    What is the Cannabis Community going to do to protect our patients? We don’t want the run-of-the-mill get-loaded-weed, we wish to stay with the organic-get-well Cannabis.

    I am highly disappointed already.

  5. Passin Threu on

    O.M.M.P. is and needs to be kept separate from recreational . the problem i see is the commercial industry and toxic factory production methods as currently used in food productions . I also think that the personal recreational use needs to realistically have the same plant quantity rules of the O.M.M.P. rules simply because what is voted in the measure 91 of 4 plants is unrealistic . personally the only way i can see to keep state greed and corruption at bay is complicate state legalization for recreational use with a much more realistic personal use quantity like O.M.M.P. otherwise i see a nightmare future coming when large agriculture like monsanto moves into our state to start the war to GMO marijuana ; large ag is all ready patenting marijuana and commercial cannabis which will turn into like when your organic garden becomes destroyed / contaminated with there uncontrolled gmo crops and they come take your land for theft as has happened is organic farming . folks like monsanto are all ready registered Oregon corporations as corporations have to register in each state separately & even sadder yet is that the state of oregon supports the corporate take over & destruction of our soil by these companys’. hence we we need to keep our O.M.M.P. just as it is and bring our recreational measure more in line with its format . and we also need to block corporations like monsanto from over riding our potential cannabis industry . they are building automobiles in canada just like the ones ford built in the 30s . oregon needs this crop and needs to keep international corporation like monsanto out of our states agricultural industry . remember these things when you vote for our state representatives

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