Pennsylvania bans medical marijuana dispensaries, growers from 4/20 festival

A cannabis festival set for April 20 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, expects to draw a crowd of 10,000, but the state bars medical marijuana dispensaries and growers from sponsoring the event, even though marijuana sales won’t be allowed.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that several dispensaries had committed up to $8,000 apiece in sponsorship money and to set up booths distributing promotional materials, but the health department prohibited the retailers and growers from participating.

More details about Pennsylvania’s ban on cannabis-sector sponsorship of the 4/20 event can be found here.

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7 comments on “Pennsylvania bans medical marijuana dispensaries, growers from 4/20 festival
  1. john ward on

    ” but the health department prohibited the retailers and growers from participating.”

    Someone has to protect the children from this evil flower.

    • Loree on

      Cannabis is not a evil flower it does alot for health problems and cures diseases that can kill you i think if God has this plant growing on this earth how could it be bad i hope that it becomes legal so we can help alot of people heal
      Thank you for reading

      • Erika K SImmons on

        Yes, The prescription drugs have messed me up. I dont think what God’s make should be legislated or monetized. Man destroys everything..

  2. Ean Seeb on

    Have to be smarter than the Regulators! CY+ has an educational museum next to their Penn Street location in Pittsburgh. That affiliated but non-licensed organization can certainly educate the public about medical cannabis as it is not an Operator and not subject to Health Department regulations.

  3. Peter T. on

    I wish people would open they’re mind’s and eyes to something that is natural compared to what man makes today . The side affects will kill you before the diseases do.

  4. Gypsymoon on

    But how can you have and promote a cannabis festival and ooo buy the way there will be no cannabis or people who have the facts there. You want people to come spend money, it’s like inviting people to a party and when by the way no alcohol. I mean really.
    But when it comes down to it they all want in on the money end because of themillons they make, I swear politicians are all for it, till they have to stand up and do what’s right.

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