San Diego marijuana firms object to new regulatory proposals

San Diego cannabis business executives are criticizing newly proposed cultivation, manufacturing and testing rules that the City Council put forward last week, saying they are overly strict.

The executives singled out a proposed cap that would limit the number of grow and manufacturing companies to 18 in the city, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Also, each of San Diego’s nine City Council districts would have its own cap of two cultivation and manufacturing businesses.

Critics said the cap would undermine the city’s goal of producing its own cannabis supply, and could trigger a product shortage, the paper reported.

The council president, meanwhile, postponed a hearing on the proposed rules from July 31 to Sept. 11.

San Diego’s planning director criticized the move, saying it would hurt the city’s chances of having regulations ready when California’s state recreational marijuana program launches in January.

In addition to the license cap, some critics targeted city rules prohibiting grow and manufacturing businesses from being within 1,000 feet of youth-related places like schools and playgrounds, since grows don’t offer public access like retailers, according to the Union-Tribune.

In a related development, the city also approved its 16th dispensary on Thursday.

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3 comments on “San Diego marijuana firms object to new regulatory proposals
  1. George Bianchini on

    The rush to have an ordinance completed by Jan 1st are slim. Mistakes will be made. If they started today, they would not get it done! Start by
    packing those public meetings, force them to be moved to a larger venue. Bring up every concern you can think of at the public meetings. Then after they pass the new or changed ordinance, file several Writs on different legal challenges. they will lose based on the time clock running out. They should have done this last year.

  2. Mike on

    Duh, the ‘new’ emergencies in sd, ca, and nv along with the 58 page of ca regs all say the favorites have been chosen and you are right. The only way to fast track is to waive regs. Guess who will get the fast track.

  3. Kimberly Simms, Esq. on

    To be clear it is not two of each license type – it’s a total of two non retail licenses per district. Additionally, several of the districts would not support any based on zoning and distance requirements from sensitive uses. However, we’re working hard to change this and several of our counselmembers fully understand the issues and working hard with our local industry to get this right!


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