Michigan localities are saying ‘no’ to recreational marijuana

Some Michigan communities are already prohibiting adult-use marijuana businesses, a little more than a week after voters in the state approved legalization of recreational cannabis.

According to various newspaper reports, Niles City in southwestern Michigan and Pinckney village in the southeastern part of the state have decided to opt out, at least for now. St. Joseph in southwestern Michigan is expected to do the same.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Free Press reported Tuesday that officials at colleges across the state say marijuana won’t be allowed on campuses. That’s because they don’t want to jeopardize federal funding since marijuana is still illegal federally.

Michigan’s new recreational marijuana law takes effect next month. Municipalities could decide to opt-in later but, if the state’s MMJ industry is an indication, many jurisdictions will choose to prohibit rec MJ at least initially., citing state figures, reported that 108 communities in Michigan have opted out of the state’s medical marijuana program.

Still, despite early holdouts, Marijuana Business Daily projects that Michigan’s rec MJ market will reach $1.4 billion-$1.7 billion in annual sales within several years.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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5 comments on “Michigan localities are saying ‘no’ to recreational marijuana
  1. Paul Sorensen on

    It’s transitional. Oregon City, where I live, initially didn’t allow pot shops. But a second, local vote, allowed rec. stores, I’m sure the same will hold true for Michigan. In the end, no government can say no to tax revenue.

  2. Father Marc on

    In my Opinion, it passed, Quit with the not allowing it. The People Spoke just like when it was Illegal this is a STATE not a Prison or a Federation. We the People Passed it, and if you don’t do your Research on it then you will never know the good it can do for many medical problems so many you will never know unless you do your research, check and see for yourselves, it passed by almost 60% of the people, if your a Real American then you will be okay with it and quit the complaining.
    Marijuana is safer than Alcohol, Pills,Cocaine,Heroin, and so many more, if there is a gateway it’s certainly not Marijuana, if anything it’s booze. It’s now the law to be legal, to not put non-violent persons in Prison for using or selling it. Not one Person has ever Died from overdosing and if you do happen to get to high the cure is a couple of Chocolate Chip Cookies, or a Sandwich, simple, Been around a very long time and have never once seen anyone get violent using it, Like Booze or the other bad Drugs, which Pot is not.
    So Please do some research and talk to your Friends, Because you more than likely have close Friends that use it but don’t want to tell you because of your attitude towards it. Try and have a Civil Conversation about it and i am sure you will see it’s not a Snake it’s not going to Kill anyone and it more than likely will help Mellow you out a bit. If you choose not to use it that fine, I myself don’t use Alcohol and that’s my choice, and I made that choice because almost every single time you have fighting,arguing,or some kind of Problem when you use it. IMO that’s all this is. but if you do some research and ask some of your friends you may find the best most mellow people that you know been using it for years and have just been afraid to tell you.
    I see so many Mean comments about this, Not one is a marijuana user i’ll bet, lol. So please talk about it to someone who uses it, but you may not find out a close friends uses it because they’re afraid you may change your mind about them, and that should never be an issue.

    • Eddie on

      I agree completely. A super majority of these so called “local” prohibitionists are made of of church groups, elderly citizens who have fallen into the scare tactics that were done in the early 60’s and the biggest opponents are the cops. I agree that you have your right to be heard but I also think it to be unethical and in my eyes “illegal” to use an affiliation as a backbone to push your agenda. If you are a church organization, and when you protest, you must protest as a person separate from know affiliation with what you are part of. Did you hear that COPS! They are the biggest by far in doing this. Cops have WAY to much power when there only job is to enforce the LAW oh and cannabis is now legal. Try to stop me from smoking on my front porch! Try to stop me from growing my own plants! Try to stop me from carrying cannabis in my car! Liberty and freedom go hand in hand and should be respected, not frowned upon. Cannabis has never hurt anyone, leave us alone. We don’t want to be part of your ,”keep America aggressive” campaign.

  3. jimdamiano on

    I think with jon baener on board we will be federally legal in a couple of years if not less. the tax money no.1 the reduction in opiate heads the most important 1200 people died from opiates in philly alone last yr and also every person that can take a breath should take a toke society will calm down and stop killing eachother im over 60 how many of us babyboomers remember all these mass shootings NONE jmd

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