WA tells marijuana edibles makers to end output of gummies, hard candies

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Washington state regulators ordered local edibles makers to cease production of cannabis-infused gummies and hard candies, warning they might appeal to children.

The unexpected decision dealt a major blow to the state’s infused-product businesses.

Companies were “completely blindsided,” said Oliver Stannard, director of business development for Washington’s Green Labs, the maker of Swifts Edibles, a brand that manufactures chocolate truffles, mints and hard candies. “Losing an entire product line is devastating to small businesses.”

During a Wednesday meeting, the state Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) announced “all production of hard candy, tarts, fruit chews, colorful chocolates, jellies and any gummy type products should cease” because they would not qualify to be sold under new regulations that take effect Jan. 1.

Regulators said such edibles would fall under the state’s definition of marijuana-infused products that are “appealing to children,” which are prohibited.

Chocolate, cookies, caramels and mints will still be allowed – with limitations on their appearance. Products in those categories that won’t be allowed include:

  • Chocolate that is coated, dipped, sprayed or painted with any type of color.
  • Chocolate, caramel and fruit caramels in colors, shapes or designs that are “especially appealing to children.”
  • Cookies with sprinkles or frosting.
  • Mints that are colored; white mints or white mints with small color flecks to represent flavor will be allowed.

All products and labels must be resubmitted to LCB to ensure they meet the new criteria, and licensees must sell out their existing inventory by April 3, 2019.

The LCB is hosting a webinar on Oct. 16 to answer questions about the regulations. The agency did not immediately respond to a request for more information.

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31 comments on “WA tells marijuana edibles makers to end output of gummies, hard candies
  1. DJF on

    While I understand why they are doing this, I am also just shocked at the whole ordeal. Appealing to children? I was unaware that children were allowed to walk into dispensaries and spend their allowance. Folks, if you have kids around in your house and have these then hide them better. I mean, that is what this is right? How else could they get access to that product? A little common sense and parenting is needed here, not a full stop.

    • William Graham on

      Kids will be kids and not all kids have responsible parents … or even parents with common sence. Better safe then sorry.

      • Jane on

        I guess my question is why isn’t this a consideration for alcohol products? Alcohol comes in kid attractive colors, kid attractive containers etc. I think the Board needs to reevaluate and also not lose track of Medical Need Consumers.

      • Marissa on

        That’s really not the problem of everyone else. The parents are responsible for their own children. Medical patients shouldn’t be suffering because people can’t keep their adult substances away from their kids. When kids get alcohol we don’t outright ban a ton of boozes. And alcohols come in candy form, fruity flavor, alien heads, sodas!!! Like for real.

      • Old Jimbo on

        BS. If the kids were born to low IQ parents they’re already in jeopardy. Quit trying to control everyone else in the state…

    • Carrie OBrien on

      Absolutely! As far as I know the law is that all cannabis products are to be in a room that has a lock on the door. This is a biased law. I need the gummies to lead a relatively ‘normal’ life. If I eat three of them I can sleep for more than 4 hours. This will be devastating for me.

  2. Nila Tyrell on

    Child-proof, NOT ban!

    I only buy the fruity edibles because they taste great and the effects are great! Banning them because they may be appealing to children is a bit overboard. Adults should follow the “Keep Out of Reach of Children” label. My kids are old enough to understand what “adult candy” is but before then, it was stashed where they couldn’t reach (like you would with any other medications). The individual packaging is hard to open as well, which is great child-proofing. Educate on child safety, not punish the adults.

    Child-proof, NOT ban!

  3. sabina neal on

    The edibles are in “child proof” containers. Very difficult to get opened. I had to stomp open a round container of cookies in Colorado and then I had a container of crumbs. The manufacturers are making responsible packaging decisions.

    • peter on

      They still fail to understand, this is an adult industry, we are not the children. They may realize that someday, just apparently, not now, that this is for adults.

  4. Malia Sentinella on

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard of. Trump must be rubbing off them.
    Scuse me but where are the parents, surely they can keep their stash away from their kids.
    This requirement is just ignorance.

    • D on

      “Trump must be rubbing off them”
      Please educate yourself. According to the WA State Liquor and Cannabis Board website “The Board is composed of three members appointed by the Governor to six-year terms.” These people are appointed by Jay Inslee. This is democrats in their never ending quest to ban straws, tax sugar drinks, and flex their overreach in order to control every aspect of our lives. And we just keep voting these people in office.

    • Jimdev3 on

      Are you kidding?!? Trump is the biggest deregulative president we have had in a long time. This is more of an Obama/inslee thing than a trump thing. He was all about allow and regulate. For f**k sake, trump wants to allow experimental treatment that’s not fda approved to the terminally ill.

  5. Jake on

    This is no different than flower, concentrates, ALCOHOL, PILLS Like xanax, hydrocodone, etc.

    The PARENTS have a responsibility to make sure the medicine is out of reach from children.

  6. Vape on

    File a lawsuit. I’m sure they can afford top line lawyers. Also don’t the sweet tasting NICOTINE vape flavors appeal to kids?!

  7. Real Parent Who Parents on

    I do not need any governmental agency to protect my children from my marijuana edibles. That is my job and I have a perfect record. Zero children stoned from getting in to my cannabis edibles. My child has a better chance at getting a sip of wine than anything cannabis infused. Is Washington aware that there are *gasp* BRIGHTLY COLORED SWEET CANDY LIKE FLAVORED ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES out there?

    There are a lot of things dangerous to kids. They will either be smart and raised right or dumb and ignored. Banning an adult product only sold to adults and only in adult only dispensaries does nothing to ‘protect’ children. Stop protecting them – educate, parent, and supervise them instead.

  8. Cindy Deiss on

    Because stupid parents leave edible candies laying around the whole industry suffers/ WOW! But parents leave alcohol and fire arms around and that’s ok. Many people especially the elderly only do the candies!!

  9. Ken Ray on

    I feel that the LCB is afraid, afraid of the Feds, as law enforcement in Texas and Ok. say they are finding edibles from Colorado in the possession of kids. the flowers are untraceable once they take them out of packages, but who wants to destroy a good candy by exposing it to air? Our regulations are so much tighter than theirs. Give us time to track down some hard numbers and present them to LCB. How much of the edibles are falling in to the hands of under age persons? Far fewer than alcohol, black market weed, nicotine, etc. We have to make sure they are under 10 mg per serving just for that reason. We have to put them in to child resistant packaging with several NOT FOR KIDS labels. This packaging has to be non appealing to minors, so as not to confuse the little ones as to think they are kids candies.
    Who are the LCB ” Stakeholders” who have made this decision? Certainly not the ones who took 4 1/2 months, and 3 departments, and much $$$ to license my personal investment to be able to process these same candies in the last 2 months. I mean, really?

  10. Aleafia Green on

    Look people, if you are too stupid and ignorant that you cannot keep your children out of harms way from cannabis edibles, which are all supposed to be in child’s proof packaging, then I have no hope you will ever be able to protect your child from opiates, alcohol, tobacco, frankenfood, sugary sodas, sugar, flour, Monsanto products, poisons in the home, none of which have child proof packaging, if you cannot keep them safe and heal them! with a sacred healing plant that, i might add, has been used for healing and annointing since biblical times, then you really should not be allowed to be parents at all. You know you are going to be left in the dust in 10 days time from this entire debate anyway. So people, just keep quiet already and let history unfold. It is beyond opinion by now anyways, it is about being vindicated by something we always knew to be true and good.

  11. Stuart Guss on

    This is government over-reach in WA once again. Cannabis is now equal in causing deaths to unicorn deaths by goring and yet the fear mongering continues. Our firm produces an odorless, tasteless, sugar-free, low cal, Vegan powder made from the purest THC and CBD, CBG etc. concentrates we can source and our products are on the shelves in NV and soon will be in CO, CA and WA. We understand how difficult it is to launch new products and comply with endless regulations that often are in conflict with one another, and we expect a large portion of the “edible” market to disappear if this ruling stands but our hope is that there will continue to be a variety of products and purchasing options for the consumers, right there alongside of our Chill Powder products. This is yet another time when people’s voices need to be heard!

  12. Concerned citizen on

    My question is by the numbers how many kids are eating these candies and going to the hospital not just any weed but specifically these types of candies and couldnt black plastic with warning labels work better than caring if its colored or gummy or whatever to make kids not interested. Keeping out of childrens reach is number one, dont put bleach a gun or drugs where kids can find them is the answer. If that doesnt work make them less appealing before going strait to the ban hammer. What citizen complains its the products fault that my child ate it to the goverment. I prefer hard candies as cookies and the like are not as reliable dosing my friend got wasted on a 5mg cookie. If u dont like that have them remove coloring additives. Dont run pecentage numbers of poisoning cause the totals for a full year dont ammount to anywhere close to the ammount sold and dont correlate to it being a actual production candy that did it

  13. Katie on

    Don’t kids eat dirt? Seriously, this is wrong on so many levels. Give kids pills and leave the canna-gummies for the adults. We should be allowed the same variety as Big Pharma and the alcohol industry.

  14. Ed B on

    Absolutely moronic move by the right wing scum that runs these liquor boards. So will all liquor stop putting cartoons and colorful labels on all their products? Nope, this is just another way for the liquor industry and big pharma scumbags to destroy the biggest edibles market there is. How many multi colored pills does big pharma make? Why a good liberal state like WA is allowing conservative corporate scum to make these rules I’ll never know.

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