Weekly Wrapup: Colorado Marijuana DUI Bill Goes Up in Smoke + Arizona Sticks to MMJ Schedule

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The Colorado medical cannabis industry rode an emotional roller coaster last week, experiencing several highs and lows tied to a controversial marijuana DUI bill. But when the ride came to a stop, MMJ businesses and cannabis advocates were all smiles.

Colorado lawmakers were on the verge of passing a measure to implement strict limits on how much THC drivers can have in their blood stream when behind the wheel. Some medical marijuana professionals feared that the adoption of such a law could cause a dip in MMJ patient numbers and a similar decline in sales.

The cannabis industry was bracing for defeat as the vote drew near, as various reports indicated that there was enough support in the Senate to pass the bill. But then a funny thing happened: One senator who supports the measure didn’t show up, and the bill died on a super-tight vote. That one lawmaker would have been enough to tip the scales in favor of the measure.

Perhaps the sudden turn of events should have been expected: Similar marijuana DUI bills in Colorado have been close to passing but also died in the 11th hour.

Last week was also a notable one in Arizona, where the state was finally able to stick to its MMJ schedule. Officials began taking dispensary applications as planned, paving the way for the opening of medical marijuana centers later this year. It represents a huge milestone for the Arizona MMJ industry. At this time last year, Arizona’s governor decided to halt the dispensary program just as it was about to begin,  triggering a drawn-out legal battle that ended in the MMJ industry’s favor. Now we’re seeing tangible progress in Arizona, and it seems as if the governor is committed to letting the process play out.

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