5 MMJ Professionals Named to Oregon Rec Board

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The medical marijuana industry could have some sizable influence over recreational cannabis regulations in Oregon.

The state has appointed a board of medical marijuana industry insiders along with other stakeholders and public officials to help oversee the development of rules for the upcoming rec cannabis market.

The 15-member committee includes five professionals from the MMJ industry, including two growers,  two dispensary owners and the executive of a testing lab, according to the Oregonian.

The board also includes a central activist behind Measure 91 (which legalized recreational cannabis last year), several law enforcement officials, a county health officer, a county commissioner, an entrepreneur, a consultant, and a representative of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which has been at the helm so far of putting together regulations for the new rec industry, released the names of the board members earlier this week.

The board will be chaired by the former director of the state lottery, the Oregonian reported.

The liquor commission also released names of those who will serve on a pair of subcommittees to handle technical questions on licensing, compliance, law enforcement, testing, and tracking cannabis from seed to sale.

It plans to form further subcommittees to advise the board on regulations for cannabis production, sales, advertising, labeling and banking.