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California wildfires claim several marijuana farms, threatening growers with financial losses

The series of wildfires ravaging Northern California have inflicted major damage on several marijuana farms, with possibly more outdoor grow operations threatened in the region. “There are a ton of farms that are located in the fire’s path. No one’s out of the woods yet. This is just starting,” said Keala Peterson, whose small, family-run […]

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California wildfires could adversely affect legal marijuana crops

Wildfires raging in Northern California could have a serious impact on the state’s legal outdoor marijuana harvest, much of which would supply the January launch of recreational cannabis sales. Across a number of “cultivation websites,” the East Bay Express reported Monday, marijuana growers are already saying that fires in 14 counties are leaving their cannabis reeking of […]

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True cost of wildfires still unclear for California cannabis farmers

Many California marijuana farmers are struggling with the aftermath of recent wildfires in the state, even if their farms went untouched by the blazes. But those affected have said they’re just as determined as ever to continue growing. One Santa Cruz County nonprofit farm is worried that its 300 plants might dry up before staffers […]

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Wildfires Wreak Havoc on California Cannabis Farms

Wildfires that raged through parts of northern California over the last few weeks have destroyed hundreds of marijuana farms and caused millions of dollars in damages, according to estimates by industry insiders. Marijuana businesses can’t get federal protections enjoyed by other businesses, so growers whose farms were lost or damaged cannot take advantage of wildfire safety […]

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Wildfires Could Drive Up California MMJ Prices

California wildfires that have destroyed 43 homes are cutting into the amount of cannabis available to Bay Area dispensaries, potentially increasing prices for marijuana that’s grown outdoors.

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Some cannabis growers still counting cost of wildfires, but most say industry dodged a bullet

Although the West Coast wildfire season has been over for months, some marijuana companies are still picking up the pieces from a historic wave of blazes that forced thousands to evacuate and endangered countless cannabis businesses across California, Oregon and Washington state. California-based Indus Holdings is a case in point. The vertically integrated company – […]

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