Marijuana company takes blame for sparking 80-acre California wildfire

Mendocino County, California cannabis distributor Flow Kana has admitted that one of its employees started a fire last week that burned 80 acres, forcing 250 to flee the area and destroyed three houses. 

Wildfires threaten CA cannabis grows as blazes start unseasonably early

Wildfires are threatening cannabis cultivation operations in California, with one fire in the northern part of the state growing to more than 13,000 acres.

California marijuana farmers prepping for wildfire season

Wildfire season is quickly approaching in California, and marijuana farmers all over the immense state are trying to bolster their defenses against a perennial threat that wreaked record-setting havoc in 2020.

Wildfires that damage marijuana crops are focus of new federal group

In response to the 2020 wildfires that engulfed the western U.S. and harmed many marijuana cultivators, two federal departments are banding together “to ensure better forest management effectiveness” in the fight against such natural disasters.