Arkansas lawmakers restrict medical marijuana advertising

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As Arkansas medical cannabis businesses look forward to the launch of the state’s medical marijuana program, they are taking careful note of the fact that the Legislature just approved a bill to restrict advertising aimed at curbing children’s interest in MMJ products.

Under the measure, which has now passed both chambers after being amended:

  • Cultivators would be banned from advertising to the public, and dispensaries would be heavily restricted.
  • Dispensaries would not be allowed to use symbols such as cartoon characters that might attract children, and TV, radio, print and internet advertising could target only audiences that are less than 30% children.
  • Dispensaries would be prohibited from advertising within 1,000 feet of a school or day care center.

The measure codifies existing rules in the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control guidelines.

The Senate first passed a measure restricting advertising in March, an amended version was passed by the House and then the latest version was passed by the Senate on Monday.

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– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily