Arkansas Senate passes medical cannabis bills affecting edibles, advertising

Arkansas marijuana entrepreneurs took note as the state Senate passed two bills aimed at restricting medical cannabis’ desirability to children by limiting certain edibles and restricting MMJ advertising.

The two bills passed Tuesday codify rules already spelled out by the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division.

The measures were sent to the state House for consideration.

One bill stipulates that medical marijuana cannot be manufactured in a way that would appeal to children, such as in cartoon character shapes or in “familiar” foods such as candy or brownies. It does not regulate home use of edibles.

The measure passed 26-2.

The second bill, passed unanimously, regulates marijuana advertising by requiring health risk statements in ads and prohibiting advertising near schools and in programming that might be seen by children.

Arkansas has licensed 32 dispensaries and expects sales to begin as soon as next month.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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8 comments on “Arkansas Senate passes medical cannabis bills affecting edibles, advertising
  1. rrahman on

    It should be noted that both of these bills codified existing rules that were implemented pursuant to Arkansas’ agency rule-making process (meaning public comment, governor/legislative review, etc.). So, other than now being a law and therefore more difficult to change, there’s nothing new here.

  2. Debbie Campbell on

    So, we’re saying its ok to make homemade edibles that won’t have consistency or knowledge of dosage amount to medical patients. Those will be in the home just the same and not packaged to keep children out. Just brownies on the counter. Brillant legislation. No way for proper dosing.

    So, lets give Arkansas legislators a hands down for ignorance. Keep products away from the ones who voted for Medical Cannabis choices and knowledge to make informed decisions. So, keep your patents to yourself and play dumb.

    • Disappointed on

      Coming from another legal state Arizona and moving here I couldn’t agree more. For chronic pain edibles are by far the best treatment. They give long term relief anywhere from 4to 8 hours. The idea that it’s ok to make your own instead of providing medical patients with consistent doses is ignorence to say the least. I in a previous state bought edibles once a month I took 2.5 mg every 8 hours or so and it gave me my life back, and was discreet from my children bc I wasn’t smoking. I
      Have tried flower before. It does not work for me, edibles are the only thing that gave me pain releif. I am so disappointed and upset that we moved here. A lack of compassion and care for this states residents is truly alarming. They would rather someone guess and green out daily or not get care then provide consistent and well regulated edibles for care. I should’ve stayed in AZ. Not to mention health wise it is better then smoking. Weed doesn’t give you cancer but smoking is unfair to those with asthma and children who do joy wish to smell of weed. This state is so far behind considering it legalized three years ago. Shame on them

    • VJC on

      So you want the “state” to come into your home and regulate how much alcohol is in your cabinets? Or how many pills and vitamins you have? I mean seriously? We don’t regulate how much people drink, or how many prescription drugs people take.
      If a person is responsible and they do have children, they won’t be leaving it on the counters for their children to “accidentally” eat or do you think that “everyone” that would rather take edibles than pour thousands of chemicals in their body, via pharmaceuticals are all just idiots? This just sounds like CLBS.

    • Clark Ashton Smith on

      Just GYO…grow your own…bypasses piggy middle men and scurvy state of AR Awith all their Christian’s ..and old people who believed their initial load of B’s how it is a schedule 1 drug.

  3. reta on

    sorry to hear about the edible situation. I’m a 67 year old woman whom has never smoked. I was depending on using the edibles for my pain. this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. ought to know that only in Arkansas can they be so stupid about anything. the bill had already passed and now the Arkansas legislators just have to kess with it. I dont like to smoke and there is no kids in my home. shame on you legislators.

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