CA cities pass temporary bans, controls on rec cannabis

California cities across the Bay Area and the state are scrambling to impose temporary bans and controls on recreational cannabis ahead of Tuesday’s statewide vote on legalizing adult-use marijuana.

Polls show the state favors legalization. Cities, in response, are taking preemptive moves. San Jose is considering adopting an emergency ordinance to ban the use of non-medical marijuana, a move intended to give local officials time to decide whether and how to regulate adult-use cannabis, according to the Mercury News.

The law would also prohibit commercial cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distributing, testing and selling of recreational cannabis.

Other cities considering temporary bans and controls include: Palo Alto, Campbell, and Davis and others. Berkeley already has approved a temporary ban on recreational marijuana businesses to give officials time to draw up regulations and a licensing system.

Further south, cities in San Diego County have imposed temporary bans on cultivation and use of adult-use marijuana. Santa Barbara and Solvang have also imposed temporary bans, according to the Mercury News.


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