California marijuana company Canndescent closes $13 million funding round

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California marijuana cultivator Canndescent announced Thursday that it has closed a $13 million Series C Convertible funding round to help finance the company’s expansion into new state markets.

The company also will use the money to bankroll a second cannabis brand and new product lines.

Canndescent, which already specializes in pre-rolled joints and premium cannabis flower, plans to expand into the vaporizer and edibles markets within the next year, according to a news release.

Canndescent didn’t reveal which states it’s targeting aside from its home market of California, though it did claim it had successfully pulled off a soft launch of a second brand this past summer.

“Our new investors share our vision of more products, more brands and more states,” Canndescent CEO Adrian Sedlin said in the release.

The Series C was led by Merida Capital, and one of the investors was Altitude Investment.

A spokesman for Altitude said in the release that his firm “took a small position” in Canndescent’s Series B funding round, then “increased our investment tenfold based on the milestones the company has achieved.”