Canadian producer Tilray expands its cannabis export market

Tilray, a major licensed Canadian medical marijuana producer, expanded its international reach with recent MMJ exports to Cyprus and Chile.

Tilray, which is owned by Seattle-based Privateer, said its shipment to Cyprus consisted of Tilray drops, a medical cannabis extract product.

Tilray’s agreement with Chile calls for its MMJ products to initially be sold through pharmacies in the capital of Santiago.

According to the news release, Tilray’s deal with Chile marks the first time a licensed North American cannabis cultivator has succeeded in distributing THC products through pharmacies in the Americas. The company did not specify what types of products it had exported to Chile.

Tilray is partnered in Chile with Alef Biotechnology, which is licensed by its government to produce and distribute medical marijuana.

Based in Nainamo, British Columbia, Tilray also has deals to export medical cannabis products to Australia, Croatia and New Zealand. The company said in announcing the Chilean deal that its products will be distributed in Brazil exclusively by Alef and that Tilray would announce exports to more countries later this year.

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