Cannabis Pioneer Asks Public for Money After Raid

A cannabis industry pioneer is asking the public to help raise $150,00 for a legal defense fund, saying law enforcement authorities raided his San Diego medical marijuana company and froze bank accounts as well as seized money, raw materials and computers.

James Slatic, CEO of Med-West and a board member of the California Cannabis Industry Association, is making his pitch via the crowfunding site Indiegogo. The posting on the Indiegogo website includes video footage and a detailed description of the raid, which occurred Jan. 28.

“Cash was seized. Bank accounts were frozen. Two employees of MedWest were handcuffed and detained for hours and later arrested,” the posting reads. “Med-West is a legal business that is highly regulated.”

The company is a wholesale distributor of CO2-extracted medical marijuana products.

Slatic’s appeal adds that 21 employees are jobless and the patients and “hundreds of collectives” that Med-West company serves no longer receive their medicine.

“With their assets frozen, Slatic and his team need funds to pay attorneys, consulting experts, and others who will help them fight back against this misguided raid,” the posting says.

The campaign’s proceeds will go toward legal costs and other fees and costs tied to reopening Med-West, according to Slatic.

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