Canopy-Acreage: ‘Game-change’ for North American cannabis industry

Canopy Acreage acquisition, Canopy-Acreage: ‘Game-change’ for North American cannabis industry

With its deal to acquire New York-based Acreage Holdings, Canadian marijuana giant Canopy Growth has “won the race” to enter the U.S. market, according to industry insiders.

The move would be the first major Canada-U.S. cannabis deal – but the purchase won’t be executed until the American government removes federal prohibition.

“I would call this game-change in the industry for sure,” said Jesse Pytlak, an analyst with Toronto-based Cormark Securities.

The deal structured between Canopy and Acreage could serve as a “template” for other big acquirers looking to tap the U.S. cannabis market, he said.

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2 comments on “Canopy-Acreage: ‘Game-change’ for North American cannabis industry
  1. Tracey Sims on

    Hi I missed my seminar but I am interested in opening my dispensary due to all the past holdings of over the years cannabis seeds I have in-store it will be great for the industry in the future and my comments have greater ideas as well as concept of new beginnings if I can bring my product to front store structure. I look for back to someone advising me on my dispensary thank you

    • George on

      I think you missed more than a seminar.
      Here’s some free advise. When you are finished with your financial pro forma. Add another $500,000 to cover your burn rate. Then triple your legal fee’s line item and add a line item for Compliance officer, maybe two as they aren’t always correct.
      If your in California you’ll need to add about $250,000 to cover another new item, CHOAS.
      Then stock up on ulcer medication and get used to working 24-7 until you die at a young age. which appears to be the only light at the end of this story. Death!

      Or of course do it in the new Consumer Market fashion. Just do it. all you need is you. The consumer is spending big in this market. Of course you might find yourself in a much bigger tax bracket, assuming your into paying taxes.

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