Marijuana Cultivation

Mexico’s tourism minister calls for marijuana legalization

Months before Mexicans head to the polls to elect a new government, a senior official is calling for states to begin legalizing cannabis as a way to divert profits from the black market to a regulated sector. “I think in Mexico we should move toward regulating it at state level,” Tourism Minister Enrique de la Madrid […]

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Canada’s cannabis oil exports rise 300%, boosted by German demand

Exports of medical cannabis oil from Canada had a breakout year in 2017 – and executives say it is just the start for a massive new overseas market.

Medical cannabis exports in oil form rose 300% from 2016 levels, according to data shared with Marijuana Business Daily by Health Canada. Analysts expect this trend to continue as countries legalizing medical cannabis look to imports to meet demand in lieu of domestic cultivation.

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Quebec inks ‘bombshell’ supply deals for 359 tons of cannabis

Canada’s second-largest province by population signed multiyear supply deals with six licensed cannabis cultivators for its recreational market, a move that provides much needed certainty for businesses and investors, analysts say. The six companies will supply an aggregate of approximately 325,000 kilograms (359 tons) of cannabis over the life of the deals. Quebec-based Hydropothecary got the […]

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Oregon county officials sue state over cannabis farms

Officials in an Oregon county who have tried to restrict commercial marijuana production sued the state in federal court, asserting state laws that made cannabis legal are pre-empted by federal law that criminalize MJ. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court, escalated a long-running battle between the state and the Josephine County Board of […]

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Canadian analysts eye ‘catalysts’ to reverse cannabis stock freefall

Canadian cannabis stocks are down over 40% since peaking in early January, leading analysts to speculate about what might ultimately trigger a rebound. The Canadian Marijuana Index, a basket of the leading cannabis stocks operating in Canada, is 40% off its peak, or a loss of nearly 15 billion Canadian dollars ($12 billion) in market […]

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North Dakota’s corporate farming ban doesn’t affect medical marijuana growers

North Dakota’s Great Depression-era law banning corporate farming won’t preclude horticulture operations from growing medical marijuana, provided it’s not done on agricultural land, the state’s attorney general has determined. The state health department sought clarification from Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem on how the program voters approved in November 2016 will apply to large corporations, which […]

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San Francisco cannabis grower using 100% renewable energy

Marijuana cultivators have become an increasing burden on power grids across the country, especially where cannabis is legal. But in the heart of San Francisco, at least one cultivator has made the switch to completely renewable energy through a partnership with the city’s utility department. Sense, which runs a small, 2,000-square-foot grow in the city, […]

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Big Canadian banks warming to legal marijuana industry

The chief executive of one of Canada’s largest banks said it would weigh financing cannabis companies after legalization takes place later this summer. TD Bank CEO Bharat Masrani said the Toronto-based financial institution is studying the issue, and any potential clients in the cannabis industry should have a presence only in countries where recreational or […]

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German court hits brakes on medical cannabis cultivation plan

A German court slammed the brakes on the country’s plan to grant contracts to cultivate medical marijuana, giving international exporters an even bigger head start over domestic production as the country struggles to meet MMJ demand.

A representative for the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf told Marijuana Business Daily that the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) is not allowed to appeal the decision.

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Australian state to investigate legalizing recreational cannabis

Australia’s second-most populous state will explore international developments around “cannabis for adult use” as part of its investigation into drug law reform. In a 586-page report, a parliamentary committee in Victoria recommended the creation of a council to investigate global changes in marijuana usage, as well as several other considerations involving comprehensive drug law reform. […]

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Alaska recreational cannabis supply on the upswing, wholesale marijuana still fetching high prices

Alaska’s recreational cannabis market is slowly maturing. Supply is catching up to demand, but wholesale and retail prices remain some of the highest in the nation among adult-use marijuana markets. According to several business owners in the state, prices for a wholesale pound of cannabis flower in the Last Frontier range from $2,800 to $5,000 […]

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In a first, Africa exports medical marijuana to Canada

A company in southern Africa has sent the first-ever shipment of medical cannabis from Africa to Canada, a milestone that illustrates how global the international MMJ industry has become in recent years.

The medical cannabis was shipped from the landlocked nation of Lesotho on March 26 and is expected to arrive at its destination in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the coming days, Marijuana Business Daily has learned.

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