Congressmen: DOJ ‘Defies Logic’ in Continuing MMJ Crackdown

A pair of congressmen from California have decried the Department of Justice’s interpretation of a measure passed into law last December that forbids federal departments from using funds to go after those in the marijuana business.

Republican Dana Rohrabacher and Democrat Sam Farr were co-sponsors of the amendment to the broad federal spending bill signed into law in December 2014.

In spite of the congressional action, the DOJ has continued in its quest to prosecute certain medical marijuana companies and individuals in recent months. The DOJ has said it believes the amendment doesn’t apply to individuals and businesses.

“The congressman believes the amendment’s language is perfectly clear and that the DOJ’s self-referential interpretation is emphatically wrong,” a Rohrabacher spokesman told The Huffington Post.

Farr’s spokesman added, “The Justice Department’s interpretation of the amendment defies logic… Lawyers can try to mince words but Congress was clear: Stop going after patients and dispensaries.”

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5 comments on “Congressmen: DOJ ‘Defies Logic’ in Continuing MMJ Crackdown
  1. terry on

    Here we go again another fine example of the government that we allow to continue to harrass its people. Get em all out of office and start fresh. How about when these individuals start racking up lawsuits they are also allowed to go after Mr Holders personal assets since he seems to write his own laws the way he wants. Maybe this would make them think before wadting our tax dollars and using their hard earned wages. This should of been stopped long ago. Come on people wake up we are losing what we have left.

  2. Charles Lynch on

    Charles Lynch has a story in the New York Times and has a series of Section 538 motions filed before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Senator Sam Farr responded to a post Lynch posted on Farr’s Facebook page. The Senator’s statements and recent letter to the DOJ were added as a supplemental exhibits in Lynch’s Section 538 motions.

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