Study: Colorado Marijuana Market Larger Than Expected

Good news for Colorado cannabis businesses: Demand for marijuana in the state is much higher than previously estimated, according to a new report.

The Market Demand Study – released by Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division – estimates that adults who live in the state will consume 121.4 metric tons of cannabis in 2014,  while visitors 21 and over will use 8.9 tons of marijuana.

The overall consumption estimate of 130 metric tons is 31% larger than a recent Department of Revenue assessment and 111% larger than a study conducted by the Colorado Center for Law and Policy.

, Study: Colorado Marijuana Market Larger Than ExpectedThe report is based on a survey of cannabis consumers during the first three months of 2014. It covers total consumption of cannabis obtained by any means, including medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational stores, caregivers, home grows, unlicensed vendors and the black market.

Some other highlights of the study:

– Overall consumption in 2014 could range from a low of 104.2 metric tons to 157.9 metric tons.

– 485,000 residents – or 9% of Colorado’s population – consume cannabis at least once a month. Another 201,000 adult residents – or nearly 4% of the population – used marijuana at least once during the last year.

– The top 21.8% of the state’s marijuana users generate 66.9% of demand. By contrast, consumers that use cannabis less than once a month – which is nearly a third of total users – account for just 0.3% of total demand.

– Tourists account for 44% of recreational sales in Denver and a whopping 90% of sales in mountain towns.

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3 comments on “Study: Colorado Marijuana Market Larger Than Expected
  1. Windy City on

    …I do have a feeling that tourism is going to uptick pretty good for a couple years, then maybe slow down when other states legalize the plant for recreational use…

  2. Dee on

    The only number they could possibly know is what was tracked my MITS as sold inventory. They are still trying to concoct numbers from the black market which no one has anyway of actually knowing.

  3. victoria smith on

    Hey Windy City, you might be right about that except the only states looking at recreational sales are Alaska and Oregon. Now, WA and OR and AK all have their attractions as tourist destinations. But if tourists are looking for sheer beauty, accessibility and a total mile-high experience, they will come to CO. I think that IL should have rec sales too – Chicago is an amazing tourist destination. Good luck with that!

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