Edibles Among Top Foodie Trends for 2015

Marijuana-infused goodies are going mainstream.

Cannabis cookies, cakes and candies join fresh-food delivery, high-end tea and locally grown yogurt as some of the top trends for foodies in 2015, according to Specialty Food News, a trade publication covering the $88.3 billion specialty foods market.

“Retailers and foodservice businesses are already offering infused candies, pastries, and more, and as more states come on board, specialty food producers are sure to play a role in this blossoming economy,” the publication predicts in a new article on trends for next.

Edibles have been big sellers in Colorado and Washington State, the first two markets to legalize recreational cannabis, and growing in popularity in many medical marijuana markets as well.

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One comment on “Edibles Among Top Foodie Trends for 2015
  1. bongstar420 on

    I will buy their edibles when I am paying the same price for the dose in the food as I would buying the source.

    Basically, it goes like this. If their THC sources sells for $0.25/dose, they I will buy the edible for the price of the food plus the price of the dose sold as unprocessed goods…….Guess what, you are paying $5/dose for stuff that would otherwise be composted.

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