Florida governor appeals judge’s order to open up medical cannabis market

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s administration appealed a judge’s order to license new businesses in one of the country’s hottest medical marijuana markets – or risk being held in contempt.

Scott’s administration filed the notice to appeal Friday less than three hours before a 5 p.m. ET deadline, the News Service of Florida reported.

The governor, who is in a tight race to unseat U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, a Democrat, consulted with Republican legislators and MMJ operators, according to the news service.

Here’s the situation:

  • Leon County Circuit Charles Dodson recently ruled the state law restricting the number of medical marijuana businesses is unconstitutional.
  • Florida has approved licenses for 14 vertically integrated MMJ operators, each of which can open up to 25 dispensaries across the state. But the state has been slow to approve additional licenses.
  • The judge’s ruling called for the state to license additional MMJ operators, including Tampa-based Florigrown, which was the plaintiff in the case.
  • The judge’s ruling, if upheld, would open Florida’s market to more MMJ businesses and boost competition. “Obviously the current license holders want to protect their interests and value, which is based on this limited licensing scheme,” Florida cannabis attorney Matthew Ginder of Greenspoon Marder told Marijuana Business Daily.

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15 comments on “Florida governor appeals judge’s order to open up medical cannabis market
  1. Michael on

    The GREED that this governor has displayed since he has purposely slowed and hand picked who he thought would pull the wool over our eyes has backfired to the max. We as Floridians saw the game he decided to play. GREED never wins it’s just another sin and the next few months we will have FULL integration.

  2. Bryan on

    Helping his buddys what a peice of trash legalize marijuana for all !! We see your game helping buddy so much for free market and let people prosper !

  3. Dan Sipes on

    Some of Florida’s finite number of MMTC licenses have been purchased for upwards of $100million. That price point was to purchase exclusivity. If Florida allows for Judge Dodson’s ruling, those who paid $100million for a license will have wasted their money, (since anyone can compete). That said, those who spent big money purchasing MMTC license exclusivity likely passed big $$$ to Rick Scott’s Senate campaign to appeal Judge Dodson’s ruling.

  4. Seth Waller on

    They need to just legalize it already this is all about money when it comes down to it. Let the people get there medication you will still make billions so what the hell you waiting for!

  5. Olga Sexton on

    Open market for capitalism as the Constitution declares. Lift ban on the plant. It is ridiculous to be told we cannot grow a plant in a pot in our home that is less an impact than beer. Talk about Govt invasion! Federal legislation must change!!!!

  6. Monica jean Fox on

    The Medical Marijuana. LICENCING of this industry has already squeezed out any competition for budding entrepreneurs. You already must be a multimillionaire in your way to becoming even more wealthy. There are talented organic growers who would like to be in the business… maybe earn a couple of hundred thousand a year… have a business for our families to participate in and a livelihood. OPEN UP LICENCES TO ORDINARY GROWERS. It’s only FAIR

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