Former Hillary Clinton Staffer Seeking Illinois MMJ License

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Watching who’s getting into the marijuana industry is like playing six degrees of separation – almost everyone is somehow connected to cannabis through colleagues and friends.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even knows a would-be cannabusinessman personally.

According to NBC, the Democratic heavyweight’s former political finance director, David Rosen, applied in Illinois for a marijuana cultivation license via a company he owns called Waveseer.

Rosen is reportedly hoping to open a grow center in Rockford, a suburb of Chicago that’s about an hour and a half northwest of the Loop.

Rosen worked for Clinton when she first ran for the U.S. Senate in New York 14 years ago, and was the campaign finance director for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn when he ran for office in 2010. Now, Rosen says, he’s just “a businessman that supports Democrats.”

Illinois is slated to approve 60 dispensary licenses and 21 cultivation centers. Competition is fierce: During the short application time frame in September, 369 businesses applied for licenses.