Global standards group launches cannabis committee

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ASTM International, a 119-year-old organization that develops voluntary standards for a long list of items ranging from children’s toys to aircraft, plans to add cannabis to that list.

For the most part, the cannabis industry has lacked developed product standards. That could now change, another sign that cannabis is becoming more of a mainstream product.

According to the Denver Post, ASTM International launched a committee earlier this week to discuss and develop standards for personnel training, cultivation and security in the cannabis industry.

If the organization’s board of directors approves the move, the committee could release standards for the marijuana industry in a few months, the Post reported.

Businesses and government both use ASTM International’s standards to formulate best practices and regulations.

According to the Post, the committee would develop standards for:

  • Indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • Management systems
  • Labs
  • Processing and handling
  • Security and transportation
  • Personnel training, assessment and credentialing

The company’s director of business and development told the Post that ASTM wants to help the industry develop “best-practices” and “harmonize” its efforts.