Grassroots AZ cannabis supporters side With prohibitionists

It’s not news that the cannabis community can often split, sometimes viscerally, over differing visions of legalization.

But it can become a problem if it affects plans for legalization.

This might be the case in Arizona, where a grassroots group called Arizonans for Mindful Regulation (AFMR) is taking sides with anti-marijuana forces in an attempt to defeat a legalization initiative backed by the Marijuana Policy Project.

According to the Phoenix New Times, the leadership of the grassroots group is on the record suggesting that MPP’s initiative is “worse than our current prohibition,” and it is urging voters to give it a thumbs down.

Both AFMR and anti-marijuana prohibitionists, according to the New Times, view MPP’s ballot measure as essentially granting a recreational cannabis monopoly to medical dispensaries that are already in business.

The New Times reported that the current ballot measure language supported by MPP is the result of a compromise between the organization and the dispensaries, under which the existing 86 storefronts would get first crack at the 150-160 rec retail licenses the initiative would allow for.

But if AFMR continues on the electoral warpath and cannabis voters are divided, it could mean continued prohibition in Arizona.

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9 comments on “Grassroots AZ cannabis supporters side With prohibitionists
  1. Ean Seeb on

    Who would be better to receive the first round of recreational licenses than current operators who are already invested to the tune of hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars, already understand compliance and regulation for the medical industry and do not need to establish cultivation and manufacturing facilities and/or storefronts?

    • cathy on

      Because most our dispensaries are not even keeping up with the medical needs. They sell moldy, pesticides, cut, and sometimes flat out dangerous to our health meds. Monopolies will not fix this.

  2. DennyC on

    My feeling is that recreational cannabis is the latest strategy by Big Pharma to throw a monkey wrench into medical cannabis.
    It sure worked that way where I live in Washington state!

  3. Mike Jenkins on

    These “activist” want to be able to sell on every corner any where any time. They don’t understand such a law would never fly in conservative Arizona.

  4. Patricia N Young on

    Greedy … someone has their fingers in The Pot.
    Reading Cannabis news enlightens me to greedies want to be Big MJ and follow the practices of big pharma.

  5. Minister of Rhetoric on

    Arizona’s largest voting block is now made up of independents, no need to cater to the conservatives any longer. Nevermind optics and political landscapes, Arizona was the first State to pass Medical Marijuana in 1996 by 65% of the electorate vote, just hours before California passed prop 215. That was 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the governor would not sign it into law. That is why Arizona now has the voter protection act. Now when voters approve ballot measures the State has to enact them, PERIOD. Stop all the political couch quarterbacking and attempting to dictate status quo to us.

    Arizona has had a medical marijuana program up and running for 6 years now that serves 90,000 patients and is projected to more than double in the next couple of years.

    The dispensaries are struggling to scale up their production in a safe to manner to meet the growing demand.

    To make matters worse the proposed measure that is being sponsored by the AZMMJ Dispenary Cartel is attempting to expand it’s customer base to 500,000 and limiting production and distribution to slightly above exisiting numbers in order to artificially manipulate prices.

    Furthermore the language found in the measure does nothing to change the way the law is written or enforced in Arizona that actually prohibits Marijuana (a.r.s. 13-3405).

    Again, keeping felonies attached to possesion of small amounts of Marijuana keeps the prices high.

    I could keep going but we have a real #legalization measure to get on the ballot and voters to eduacte and register to make sure the tax and jail measure proposed by the Monsanto Policy Project and sponsored by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Cartel that seeks to Regulate Marijuana like Plutonium does NOT pass. #Prohibtion2point0

  6. Mary Ann Cottingham on

    I am trying this again……TO late! I am someone who voted rec in! I used when I was younger and stopped to raise a family. I do not drink. I LOVE recreational marijuana. I did not know that I could get a MEDICAL card for a stubbed toe, I never had tit’s and ass and grandma smoking or GROSS amounts of dab on my social site. No secret rooms or the need for any of that quite frankly. NOW, I know NOTHING!!!! 40 years in the marketing business and so excited for what this will do nationally and the jobs. Rec was sold as lucrative for the STATE and wanting federal protection WE AGREED! NOW what!!!!!!!

  7. Larry Schultz on

    The Minister is correct listen, learn and act. You will succeed! And don’t think all conservatives are against the cause. I’ll be 69 in May and I’m voting for Trump. I’ve smoked ever since 1967 Viet Nam. I have type II diabetes which I found out I got because I was exposed to agent orange herbicidal defoliant in RVN. And cannabis helps ease the nerve pain in my feet and other things enjoyable. Ironic? When you go on petition drives you will find that senior citizen conservative baby boomers are a valuable ally. Our numbers are huge and our 60’s hippie flower child youth is sympathetic to your cause. I grow my own now on a small farm in central Tn. and never thought the movement would be this far along in my life time. Good luck and keep up the good fight!

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