Looking to improve your marijuana for extraction? Here’s how

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marijuana extraction process, Looking to improve your marijuana for extraction? Here’s how

(Photo courtesty of Acreage Holdings)

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the April issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.)

Growing marijuana that works well in the extraction process demands a specified approach beyond simply cultivating the best possible plants.

“It’s really about doing justice to the plants and making sure you’ve got the cleanest expression of their qualities,” said Jeff Thorne, cultivation manager for Calgary, Alberta-based Sunniva, a provider of marijuana services and products.

“Fire in, fire out. You can make distillate from really poor-quality flower, but what’s better is to have really high-quality goods that you make (into) an even better-quality oil.”

Growers seeking to learn how to optimize their plants for oil production should click on the links below to learn: