Israeli government to finance 13 cannabis research projects

Israel’s Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry plans to spend 8 million shekels ($2.1 million) on research into cannabis cultivation, biochemistry and medicine.

The government is hopeful the research will lead to cannabis-based therapeutic products, the Times of Israel reported.

To start, the ministry is financing 13 projects, including seven in the fields of biochemistry and medicine.

Research topics include how cannabis can improve vision, fight colon cancer and treat multiple sclerosis, according to The Jerusalem Post. Other research projects will explore such issues as whether cannabis can help the body accept transplanted organs and treat metabolic syndrome.

The other six research projects will focus on cultivation, including the development of irrigation and fertilization technologies, fighting pests and diseases that can damage cannabis plants, and improving planting and reproduction techniques. The funds will also be used to establish a national genetic database for medical cannabis plants, the Jerusalem Post reported.

This investment is another example why Israel is considered a hub for medical marijuana exploration.