Latest Curaleaf megadeal signals shift in cannabis M&A

Curaleaf Grassroots analysis, Latest Curaleaf megadeal signals shift in cannabis M&A

Curaleaf continued its march to become a truly national marijuana company with its $875 million acquisition of Grassroots Cannabis, one of the largest private multistate operators (MSOs) in the United States.

While it’s another megadeal announcement for Curaleaf, which only a few months ago said it would acquire Cura Partners, the Grassroots purchase also is an indicator that sellers may be becoming less accepting of risk in these types of transactions.

Read more analysis and the broader impact of the deal at MJBizDaily’s Investor Intelligence.

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3 comments on “Latest Curaleaf megadeal signals shift in cannabis M&A
  1. Jeff L on

    My opinion is Curaleaf will be one of the biggest and best cannabis companies in the good ole USA.
    Ive used and use some of their products now . And i have to tell you they make good quality products…..they got their product in dogfood (CBD) and soon they will probably be in local food chains around the country selling the CBD side of cannabis. You`ll definitley be seeing and hearing more of them. They now have a presense in 19 states. That`s every state that has a medical marijuana program going on, with eleven having adult use also. Hopefully they can get the logistics right and start making a profit.+ GO CURALEAF

  2. Nicolas on

    At the grassroots level, everyone is great. It’s how cultures adapt to the harsh reality and demands of investors that great companies are made. And looking around, those companies that get big and eventually have to do the Wall Street shuffle have to not only court consumers but investors as well.

    Hopefully, most of these startups will look up other industries within the past three decades to avoid those traps. There are still plenty of privately-owned companies that produce good and affordable quality. I don’t see that with big Wall Street companies.

    Hey, after all, 80% of our US GDP is from small to medium-size businesses, NOT big corps.

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