Louisiana lawmakers toss out emergency rules for medical cannabis growers

Louisiana lawmakers nullified rules the state agriculture commissioner had enacted for medical marijuana growers.

The regulations outlined who is allowed in restricted areas, how visitors are handled and what video surveillance is required, among other issues.

The House Agriculture Committee rejected the rules Wednesday.

Chair Clay Schexnayder said Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain shouldn’t have used an emergency process, saying the rules didn’t meet the criteria.

Louisiana State University’s AgCenter, which oversees one cannabis grower in the state, criticized the issuance of the regulations, saying it had no opportunity to voice concerns.

The regulations were the latest issue in a contentious relationship between Strain’s department and the LSU grower.

Strain could reissue the rules through a lengthier process allowing public comment or rewrite them to try to meet emergency criteria.

The long-awaited sales launch of Louisiana’s MMJ program has been delayed at least until June.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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One comment on “Louisiana lawmakers toss out emergency rules for medical cannabis growers
  1. gary tanner on

    it is a 2 hour trip for me to get meds if they will be for sale in Louisiana I am disabled it will be a hardship to make that ride. I should be allowed to grow my own. no dispensary will locate well out in the county they want to be in large cities ehere they hope to make money. with the cap on thc % I do not believe much will be sold after the first buy when the patient find out that what this state offers does not work.

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