MA marijuana firm Tilt Holdings launches ‘inclusion program’ for drug war victims

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A Massachusetts company specializing in cannabis technology, cultivation and support solutions unveiled a program aimed at bolstering entrepreneurs who were previously impacted by marijuana prohibition but now want to get into the plant-touching side of the MJ industry.

Tilt Holdings, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, said in a news release that its Cannabis Inclusion Program is “designed to help support those individuals that have been disproportionately punished by cannabis laws in the past.”

Massachusetts already has a social equity program designed to help those impacted by the war on drugs get a leg up in the newly legal marijuana business, but many stakeholders still report struggling in their efforts to break into the industry.

Tilt’s program will “provide various levels of support” for qualifying applicants who are aiming to obtain MJ business licenses, according to the news release.

That support includes lending capital, cultivation infrastructure, software and more.

“Our goal is to remove those barriers to entry and help these individuals navigate the complex cannabis regulations by providing them the support to successfully get up and running in half the time at a fraction of the cost,” Tilt Holdings CEO Alex Coleman said.

During a test phase, the inclusion program has already helped 25 marijuana business license applicants in Massachusetts and other states in recent months, according to Tilt.